Art With Innovations We Can Use

Theo Jansen creates a form of art he calls Strandbeests. Strand means “beach” in his native Dutch language. His creations walk the beach on their own power. They use the wind. They react to water and the environment around them. His artistic creations do not uStrandbeest_6WhirledViewsse electricity. You can watch a 2 1/2 minute BBC video or an 8 minute TED Talk to learn more about his wondrous creations. The Ted Talk is available with Chinese subtitles.

8 thoughts on “Art With Innovations We Can Use”

  1. This is a very interesting video and a very interesting innovated use of PBC pipes.

    Does this article give you a new idea for something the world needs?
    This article makes me realize that the world needs an automatic trash pickup machine for the trash that is left on the street. This will help people because the world won’t be polluted and the people that pick up the trash on the street won’t need to anymore.

  2. Does this article give you a new idea for something the world needs?

    This is very cute and interesting art innovation because this art innovation is not using electricity and walking on the beach. I think when this art innovation is walking on the beach I would think it is cute and I wish to have it one. This art innovation move by itself using environment. Not only this art work, we can more develop and have the other innovations that can reduce the global warming and less electricity uses. Good innovation!

  3. That’s really interesting and innovative. For me, actually, my interest toward the art was not as big as other people, but it is surprising that art can be related to the making energy by using wind. I think this invention could help the world pollution and entertainment. The energy that this invention will make is renewable, so it is not harmful to the nature. Also, it is an amazing art, so people will like it too.

  4. This article is showing the amazing tips needed for wind sculpture inventions. Giants that sculptures roam the beach on their own made with PVC pipes and sails for the mechanical structure. All they need is a little wind. This article has taught me that in order to make something that works properly it has to go through trail and error, just like when they made the first planes. This article also shows the ingenuity of the Dutch to harness the wind. I wonder what kind of futuristic uses this structure will create for the enhancement of our world.

  5. This creator have a really cool mind idea of using natural product to create air tight pump and make piston for the welly design of the PVC leg. I went to a museum in L.A, and it was fascinating that the creation of the leg uses Pythagoras theorem. Also uses wind power pumped air into pressure tanks.

  6. I think this creater has really amazing mind. I think i will say yes because we could see some good innovations. I were not interested in it before I read but I was proud at using winds to make energies

  7. This is really cool, and a very interesting way to decorate the world without using too much electricity. It is amazing that one person could come up with this kind of idea, and be able to actually make it happen without the use of electricity. As a visual artist, I never create art that moves, it is normally still and 2D. This art is allowing my brain to circle in many different directions and brainstorm new, innovative, creative, pieces without using too many resources.

  8. This is such a unique art creation. Theo Jansen, the person who created this art work must have put a lot of thought into this project, it must have taken a long time to plan and calculate for the accuracy of this project. It would be very interesting to learn how to build a structure that can move with just wind without electricity or another man made forces.

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