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The innovation of website Buy Me Once is the idea of helping consumers find and purchase products that are long-lasting. The idea is that buying things that last creates a lighter load on our wBuyMeOnceorld’s environment than buying similar products that are not long lasting and will be thrown into the garbage for new versions of the same product. Check out Buy Me Once USA and UK websites on the link. Write them an e-mail if you think they should expand into China. Start your own website if you like the idea and want to get here before they do.

11 thoughts on “Buy Me Once”

  1. I think this is a very good invention because you can easily avoid pollution by only buying one of a thing that lasts longer then the other. I really want those to come to China. A lot of people in China just throw away the things that they only used once. That would cause a lot of pollutions

    1. I think this is a very good invention because customers can find and purchase products that are long lasting and they make less pollutions to the world, also now people really likes to buy things on the internet so I think this website will have a lot of customers.

  2. Someone could start a business that is innovated by this idea. People do not necessarily have to buy new things. The business could be about selling products that are made from completely renewable/ recycled sources. I quickly browsed through the web, I figured I really like the idea of using newspaper reusing tools(like the planter), bamboo based products(its renewable and can be composed), and using recycled plastic bottles( our family owns a suitcase made of plastic bottle, its durable and lightweight).

  3. This is a very creative idea for whether the actual website or just for advertising. By having the idea of buy me once would allow us to save money and easily avoid pollution. The object doesn’t have to be totally brand new, it could be materials that are recycled as well. One thing I’m concerned about is that how could you prove things that you bought from this website would last longer to fully reach the idea of buy it once. They could have customers to post items they bought from this website and post them online to prove how trustworthy this website is. In conclusion, it would be nice to expand this website to China.

  4. This idea is a very creative. I believe this is a good idea, because if we start a website about buying things only once, and the things are renewable and good for the environment so we could protect our world by using our prehistorical powers.

  5. Yes! I think it would be helpful when it comes to China. China has a large population, so if every body throws away one thing, there would be hundred millions of trash. Thus, it feels China’s pollution is very serious than other countries. If Buy It Once expand in China, it will reduce some pollution.

  6. I think its a really cool idea of sharing product that’s going to be through away and give it a last shot and see if there is any more people going to by the product.

  7. I think this is a good idea, because it is environmental protection and
    convenient.In this way,we can protect the earth’s resources and environment 。

  8. I think this is a good idea. In the world, there is large population. That mean is we would need lot of things, and it would be many garbages. So I think this can protect Earth.

  9. This is a concept that should be promoted. If people are not able to provide high quality and lasting products then it shouldn’t even be on the market. For example the tag “Made in China” is normally associated with low quality products, but if everything had a high standard of creation then this wouldn’t be an issue. People should start buying high quality products, try and let others know that low quality products are not appreciated.

  10. I think it is very good idea to make this kinds of blogs or website in internet because most of the people in the world right now are using internet, and a lot of people are now doing one’s own cooking by he or herselves so those people who just started to live by he or herself will try to search for items that lasts longer than the other things that is going to garage so people might use this website.

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