Smartphone Usage By Country

Below is a map of current smartphone usage in the world as of 2015.

How would life be different without a smartphone?

How would life be different if your family did not have a phone?

SmartphoneUseConradHackettWhirledViewsThis information was from Conrad Hackett of Pew Research. His news feed is a frequent source of data and graphs for Whirled Views. He is profiled in this article.

17 thoughts on “Smartphone Usage By Country”

  1. Life would be very different without a smartphone. I would not be able to contact my family members as quickly without a smartphone if there was an emergency, see the upcoming weather conditions, set myself alarms, timers, and reminders for upcoming events, or view world news.

    1. I think my life would be totally different if I don’t have a smartphone. It would be very difficult for me to contact my parents or friends when I need to. I won’t be able to play games or check the news.

  2. Without using smart phone, it will be very difficult to live(for me). This is because we usually listen to the music, play games, chat with other people, and take photos, and we can do these things in just one device. Smart phones make us live easier.

  3. Living without cell phone will be a though task for everyone including me. But, sometimes I feel cell phone make us limited. It seems like lots of people spend their time with cell phone rather than friends, families and other close people. Even though smart phone make our lives comfortable and entertaining, but also takes our precious time.

  4. How would life be different if your family did not have a phone?

    Life would be very different without a phone in the family. We might have to set specific plans, and all the ways to solve a problem if anything happens when we are not together because we can’t call each other for help. We would also often have to go find each other at a work place or school in case we forgot something, or we need to say something important. Safety would be a big issue as well because we would often be worried about each other during the day because we have no way to check in on how we’re doing.

  5. If I don’t have a smartphone, then life would be very inconvenient. Smartphones combines all sorts of functions into a small machine. These functions include playing music, go on the internet, watch videos, etc. I wouldn’t able to do all these things without a smartphone, since most people around me have smartphones, it would embarrassing and inconvenient to not have one.

  6. Without using smartphone life would be very different.It will be very difficult to contact to family and friends.And we will lose many conveniences like check weather or news easily,take photos clearly,play games or watch video,check informations…If people are in other countries and they can’t ring up or send message,and they don’t have smartphone,it is really difficult to contact.

  7. If we don’t have a smartphone, it would be very difficult to contact or call to my family, friends or any people. Also we can’t watch some videos, play games, take photos, listen music and research some information.

  8. I think smart phone made our life confortable. By using this technology, we can use for communication, entertainment, and more stuff. However, some times I feel it has some drawbacks. For example, spending too much time on smart phone, so I feel people should limit the use of smartphone.

  9. Today, people can’t live without technology, it’s one of the most important about human life, imagine without a smartphone. You can’t reach anyone you want to talk to, It’s like you are seperated with the whole earth. After all, smart phone sure is a unmissable part in life.

  10. If the world didn’t have smart phones it would be totally different. People would have more interactions with others instead of chatting but I wouldn’t be able to chat with my friends in the US and that wouldn’t make a big difference but I still sometimes talk to them. People wouldn’t use auto-correct and they would be focussed in class instead of looking at Wechat.

  11. Smart phone is developing through time, so life will be very hard without them. While these technologies have developed, this is the easiest way for children and families to contact with each other, and we can see smart phones were mostly used at the U.S, Canada, also Australia.

  12. If there weren’t any smartphone apple will have less costumer, we won’t get any red back from Ray, and life would be easer for me so Justin will not disturb me any more. If my family don’t have smartphone it would be better because I can get more time spending with my mom and dad.

  13. Life would be very different without a smartphone. I would not be able to contact my family and friends very quick without a smartphone, and it will be more difficult to work for the people who works on the internet, also, it will be very hard for people who are lack of time to buy things if they are busy.

  14. If there are not any smartphone in our life, there will be very different. I can’t contact to my family when I want to find them and I can’t find information on internet when we need in class.

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