Why We Go To Outer Space

The United States National Aeronautics SpinoffWhirledViews
and Space Administration is usually known as NASA. NASA has sent men to the moon and launched space missions by the dozens. If you have ever wondered why we go to outer space, NASA puts out an annual magazine called “Spinoff.” This magazine has a catalog of all the inventions of the past 50 years that were a result of what mankind has learned in our travels to outer space. All 50 annual magazines are now available online to browse. There is a brief introductory article on Yahoo! or you can check out all 50 editions of Spinoff here.

15 thoughts on “Why We Go To Outer Space”

  1. I think going out to the space is a good idea because we can learn a lot of things that we don’t know from the space also we might be able to find a new planet that we can live on if we over polluted this planet .

  2. Its a very great idea of going to an outer space, we can make new discoveries and learn more about the planet we live in. The NASA had all kinds of inventions and they had been on to the moon dozens of times, which could make us have a better view. Also we can know that where else we could live in outside the Earth, which will help us to transport people to that planet to solve the population issue.

  3. I think it is a great idea to go to the space, because it is getting more harder to live on Earth, and maybe someday Earth would extinct, so going to outer space is a good preparation for future humans. Also, if we can go to outer space, people would discover new materials and new creatures,and they could learn more things from it, then it would be a lot advantages for people.

  4. I think is a very good idea to go to the outer space, because we can learn more things about the earth and another planet. Also, we can discover a new planet that humans can live on because now the earth is over polluted.

  5. I think it is a good idea to go to outer space because humans will be able to explore unknown areas of the Earth. And possible to find new planets and creatures

  6. Good Job NASA!! This article has something the world might need in the future, like Gems and weapons that can not be created on Earth.

  7. It’s an really interisting idea to travle out and discover the outer space. TO figure out the unknown. All kinds of hypothesis are made: Are there plantes that will be as comfortable to let human to live in? Are there alienes. This is a really cool magazine to help human discover more ideas and knowledge about the universe.

  8. I think is a cool idea because we get a chance to explore out side the world and understand how everything work. In the future I think there should be more and more new technology skills to explore and I hope that people can understand more about the world.

  9. I think going into space could allow us explore, we learn more things about the earth and outer space for example we could find new creatures, also have new discoveries for example cool suits to slow multiple sclerosis symptoms, so that it could help the hospitals.

  10. I think this is a good idea because we can discover the outer space, and can get a chance to explore the outer space. In the outer space we can discover unknown area and to find extraterrestrial life.

  11. NASA has been the most popular organization, so I think what they introduce is mostly accurate and reliable. Also, I think informing the ideas through magazines is a really good idea because it is one of the method to inform knowledge to people and eventually persuade them.

  12. I think exploring outer space is a good idea, because we can learn lots of things in space and humans already have made improvement in earth influenced by the space exploration. Its also will be very good if NASA can find another planet where humans can live on because our earth is polluting.

  13. I agree about exploring the other planets and the gigantic space but there was a lot of failure that was dealing with humans’ life so exploring the World is good but I don’t want others to end their life because of the exploring or business.

  14. I think that going to space would be fun. The only concerns I would have are, the space ship not launching correctly and exploding or missing home and being away from home for a long time. These are all big concerns that I have but I still really would enjoy getting the opportunity to go to space.

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