Businessman vs. Entrepreneur Graphic Starring Watermelon

A friend of the blog who is an entrepreneur that started her own education business posted this graphic of how an entrepreneur is different than a businessman.

What do you think the graphic is saying?

Do you agree with it?

Do you have some agreement and some disagreement with the representation?


21 thoughts on “Businessman vs. Entrepreneur Graphic Starring Watermelon”

  1. I agree with what entrepreneur did, because they are using more materials to make that and juices are easier to drink (eat) than just watermelons.

  2. I think this way of business could help world economically, because like creative learners discover new things, creative thinker (about business) could discover or make something into more high qualitied and sell it with higher amount of prize than the original prize.

  3. What do you think the graphic is saying?

    This graphic shows how business works. For example, the picture on top represents a person buying a watermelon for 1 and sells it for 1.50. The Picture on bottom talks about buying a watermelon for 1 then he or she makes a juice out of the watermelon then sells it for 5.

    Do you agree with it?
    Yes, I agree with the picture, and this is a good way to multiply your money.

  4. I disagree with the statement above. The reasons are because that businessman doesn’t always sell something by making the price higher. And entrepreneurs sometimes do add price to a thing and sell it.

  5. How could the information in this article relate to starting a business?

    The information in this article can relate to starting a business because a watermelon that is worth $1 can be made into watermelon juice, which costs $5. The profit of that is $4. After a year, your profit is a number that is not too small. Imagine doing this with other objects, and the profit is even bigger. After one year, you may even have enough money to start a business!

  6. I think he used an easy way to have more money ,not just for enjoy.And it’s also a good way find the value of a watermelon.

  7. I agree with what entrepreneur did, they could earn more money from making those kinds of ideas. But I think making price of the juice higher than just selling a watermelon does not mean they will earn a lot of money. For making juice, they would maybe need a blender, and they might need money to pay the tax for the electricity of using it. But if no one buys it, then the entrepreneurs might lose money.

  8. What do you think the graphic is saying?

    I think that the graph is trying to demonstrate that while both a business man, and an entrepreneur are able to make money, do they it in different ways. A business man, will not manipulate the object, they will keep it as it is and try to make more money from it, because after all, they care about the profit, not the creation. While a entrepreneur will take an object, make it better, and then be able to make even more money from it than a business man would. Entrepreneurs try to innovate and make new ideas, then earn from it, not just take the same object and earn from it.

  9. What do you think the graphic is saying?

    I think the graph the trying to compare the mind of a entrepreneur and a normal businessman. Businessman have a less creative mind, they would just the sell the watermelon as it is with a a little profit. However, entrepreneurs would make the watermelon into juice that looks much more enjoyable, so they could sell it for more money.

  10. I agree the entrepreneur.Because the use the same thing can make more money than businessman.But the way it’s difficult than businessman and need more materials and time.

  11. I agree with what entrepreneur did because they invested money to make the juice. For example they used some metrials, so I agree with what entrepreneur did.

  12. I don’t really agree with that, because a businessman could use different way to make one kind of thing to another and make the prize higher. And a entrepreneur also can let the prize higher then sell it.

  13. I think I kind of agree with this picture, because I think that the entrepreneur will try to make something that what people would like to get so they will earn more money. But I think the Bussinessman will sell the product with the higher cost than they they got with so they save time and money.

  14. In the pictures, I can see the difference between a business man and an entrepreneur. I think that the author wants to inform us that entrepreneurs are way more extravagant than a business men.

    This causes me to agree with the statement in the story

  15. I agree with entrepreneur because they put more work in and they can get more money, I think it is a great Idea to get money.

  16. What the the difference from Businessman and Entrepreneur ?

    compared the businessman, entrepreneurs are more open minded. They know how to earn more money, the business man would only sell the water mellon with a little amount of profit, but Entrepreneurs would make the water mellon in to juice and sell them with more profit.

  17. I agree with the statement it’s communicating, because if you do a business, you do not just raise the prize higher than you got it and sell it out. Instead, you could add more creativity to it that could make it into a better product, at the same time the consumers are going to enjoy it and you could make more money.

  18. This graph portrays the differences of a businessman and an entrepreneur. You can easily see that a businessmen is just a person that tries to make money from what they’ve got. An entrepreneur is different, they think of innovated new ideas to make even more profit in the world of business. I think it’s a good thing to have a creative mind and create things that other people otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.

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