Our Driverless Future from City to Farm?

The first driverless public bus began operating in Lyon, France, during the first weekend of September 2016. You can read more about it and visit the website of the company – Navya – that built the bus they call Arma.

NavyaBusWhirledViewsStaying in France, the driverless subway that has operated in France since 1998 is adding 6 kilometres more of subway line to its service in the coming years.

A little over a week ago, nuTonomy (a new start-up tech business) and local partners began testing the first driverless taxis in Singapore.

Driverless isn’t just for city-life. CNH Industries unveiled two designs for driverless tractors at the 2016 Farm Progress Show in Iowa USA during the last week of August 2016. The video of their tractors, like all these vehicles, are impressive.

What happens to all of today’s taxi drivers, bus drivers and farmers if these vehicles of the future become the new normal?

The Navya bus press-kit is interesting. Without reading it, if you quickly look through all the pictures, are there things you would add to the pictures?

7 thoughts on “Our Driverless Future from City to Farm?”

  1. How could someone take the idea(s) discussed and innovate new ideas from it?

    I believe that the people who invented the driverless busses should invent driverless planes. This will be safer and more efficient for travelers, and will allow them to spend more time and be better cared for at the check-in counter, security, and boarding gates. Despite the fact that this idea would decrease the number of pilots, it would still allow for the same if not more amount of employees. The number of employees at the check-in counters, security, and boarding gates would be the same. The increase of employees would come from the ones controlling the planes using portable tablets and/or computers in the control room. Controlling the driverless planes from the control room will allow the travel time to decrease and will also lower the possibly of the plane being highjacked because there will not be any control panels inside the plane for people to reach – the only controlling will be done from the rooms.

  2. Are there ideas in this article that could make the world better?

    I believe there is ideas in the article that could make the world better, such as the idea of driverless cars, because you could maneuver your car(s) in your bedroom, and it does not have the risk of killing or injuring people in a crash, which would save many lives. Research suggests that someone would die because of a road accident once in about every 50 seconds. With this technology, the 50 seconds could no longer be 50 seconds.

  3. Are there ideas in this article that could make the world better?

    Yes, because if we do not need divers anymore, then we could have more people to do other work. And second that for the “Navya” it just need electricity to work, so we could reduce the emissions for the Carbon Dioxide to stop global warming also use less oil to reduce PM 2.5 and save more resources that we take from the nature.

  4. I think this is a really good invention, because I think that this car can prevent car crash excidents and injuries and also I think it will help to save money because they dont have to pay the money to the driver anymore.

  5. What happens to all of today’s taxi drivers, bus drivers and farmers if these vehicles of the future become the new normal?

    The taxi drivers, bus drivers and farmers would no longer need to drive. Therefore, drivers would lose their jobs, and there would be many more unemployed people, unless they find something else to do. All the companies would try to copy this type of transportation method, then they would make trains, and airplanes like that too. At first, there might be many accidents because its not safe, but slowly the safety would go up and more people would start using it, and nowaday cars, trains, buses, planes with drivers or pilots are no longer needed.

  6. How could someone’s invention being known or spread out faster?

    I strongly believe that these inventions that uses less energy and fuel will be really helpful for the Earth in the future. And, these inventions could really get people’s attention really fast. So, I think that the inventor of the invention should be more aggressive and tell every one his/her idea.

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