The Parts of Success Seen and Not

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb said of his earlier efforts: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Consider the below graphic and how it relates to that quote. We usually only think of Edison as the successful inventor, not as Edison the man of 10,000 failures.

The graphic below uses an iceberg. 90% of an iceberg is below the water line and out of sight while we see 10% above water if we are in a nearby boat or land location.

In the graphic below, can you see some relationships between business success and school success?


10 thoughts on “The Parts of Success Seen and Not”

  1. Businessman vs. Entrepreneur Graphic Starring Watermelon
    What do you think the graphic is saying?

    I think the graph the trying to compare the mind of a entrepreneur and a normal businessman. Businessman have a less creative mind, they would just the sell the watermelon as it is with a a little profit. However, entrepreneurs would make the watermelon into juice that looks much more enjoyable, so they could sell it for more money.

  2. In the graphic below, can you see some relationships between business success and school success?

    I think the graphic showing business success also shows school success in many ways.

    When you are assigned to create a project, whether it be a presentation or poster, your final product is normally always going to be the best it can be, because you have tried your hardest and learned from previous mistakes. I believe that that is the portion of the iceberg below the water. You have to work really, really hard to understand what you are going the present, and that may involve many mistakes, when creating the final presentation or writing down facts about that topic. These are things that aren’t seen by others, but when you present your work, in the best way possible, people see that part of YOU, and that’s what they think of YOU (how hard you work). However, they never look below the water to see how many mistakes, how many times you have failed, and how persistent and hard you tried.

  3. From this article, people can see that success from other people is not easy as it seems. What people see from the success is only the top of the iceberg. Most people does not see the bottom of the iceberg when seeing others’ success. Sometimes, they don’t even consider the bottom part when they themselves want to success. Behind success always lies dozens of tries and failure. Thomas Edison failed 999 times before inventing the lightbulb. It is very rare if anyone successes after one try.

  4. After reading about this article, I learned that success is actually really hard to accomplish no matter in any subject. What people only see is the benefits you get from success, but they did not notice how mush effort you have to put in order to success.

  5. By reading this article, I felt that how hard it is to success and how complicated the process is. And also that people do not see the process and only see the results, whether it’s a failure or a success.

  6. The success of a business is similar to the success in school. Though it will be easier to have a brighter future if you have dun well in school. The success of our future depends upon our goal we set at the beginning, if we set a very high goal then we will try our best and work hard and even if we didn’t fully fulfill our dream we will still do a very good job. Our success depends on all the effort you put into before, the result at the end is possible because of all the failure that had happened.

  7. In the graphic below, can you see some relationships between business success and school success?

    This graphic shows the two perspectives, the school perspective, and the business perspective.

    If you get a hard math question or a science balancing chemical equations paper and it just doesn’t make sense. You don’t like to let people know that you struggle you let them know that it is easy and you had no problems. Underneath all that you really know that you failed and struggled and that is a good thing because you learn from your mistakes and you persevere.

    This is the same with starting a business. You want it to be great so you show that it looks good and you show that you are confident. The only problem is that there could be financial problems or you could be sacrificing all that you worked hard to accomplish.

    Even if you have had one of these problems happen to you, in the end, you come out at the top of the iceberg.

  8. I think this graph is showing both kinds of the success, because basically all the success need persistence and failure for example for business, you opened a shop, but after a few days you did not get any money, you failed but that make you to reflect on it if you are a persistence person, so there’s more possibilities for the success. Same in school, if you got an F for your test, you failed but if you reflect on it, maybe there will be a better way of reviewing the test, then you tried hard the next time, and there will be more possibilities for the success. And for both of these situations, people may not see your effort. But still your effort probably would not just turn out nothing. Even you fail, but you could learn from it and turn it to success.

  9. In this graph, I can see that it is really hard to reach at the succeed point. They need a lot of efforts to succeed such as failure, dedication and disappointment. After those hard time, they can become more high valuable person that can reach to whatever they want.

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