Plus-size Fashion’s Undiscovered Profits

Tim Gunn is a famous fashion designer, fashion school instructor and reality TV host of Project Runway. He has complained that not enough designers are making clothes for plus-sized women despite many women being in this size range.

ashleytiptonfashionwhirledviewsAshley Neil Tipton won season 14 of Project Runway by designing for plus-sized women. She now has a line of clothing launching at a popular department store in the United States.

It is estimated that this is a 133 billion RMB market in the USA alone (20 billion USD). Is that enough money to motivate a business to focus selling clothes to plus-size women? Is that enough money that there should be more companies competing for that business?


11 thoughts on “Plus-size Fashion’s Undiscovered Profits”

  1. I think this designer is really open-minded, she could think of something that no one had thought of. I think that she is good at finding problems and solving them. So, feel that in-order to make the world a better place, we will need to be open-minded like her.

  2. Is that enough money to motivate a business to focus selling clothes to plus-size women? Is that enough money that there should be more companies competing for that business?

    I think that that is definitely enough money to motivate a business to focus selling clothing to plus-size women. I think that there are many woman who are plus-sized who do not feel comfortable with the clothing that is available to them. With this new business, I know many women will begin buying this clothing, and soon there will be a lot more money going into making plus-size woman clothing. I think that the increase in profit will show people how popular this specific business is, and those other people will begin making this size of clothing more frequently, and therefore, there will be more competition in this business.

  3. This is a funny and interesting article and I enjoy learning about clothing.

    How could someone take the idea(s) discussed and innovate new ideas from it?

    I think that someone can take the idea discussed and innovate new ideas from it by designing smaller clothes for smaller women or clothes for bigger women.

  4. I love this idea.In the earth we leave,everyone has different size of clothes.But in the store we just have the really simple size,we don’t have some clothes for those people need more bigger than the large size.And there is a company did this,they design clothes for those people who need more bigger or smaller clothes and they invite non-simple size people to wear their clothes and to show out.This makes these group people feel they are simple.It’s a really good thing for our earth peace.

  5. It is important to know what the customer’s needs are. fashion designing should be open for everyone including plus-size people, and this is a beginning of fulfilling that idea. This project is very smart, it allows everyone to be part of the fashion world.

  6. This is the best idea, I think. Because the designer’s idea that we can’t think it, that’s unique. I think this idea is very smart, everyone can be more fashionable.

  7. I think the designer has a very smart idea. People mainly focus on producing clothes for normal-sized people while the market for over-sized women are ignored. Clothes are very important and people needs a big amount of it, especially woman. So there will be a small competition and big profit for companies focusing on producing clothes for these women.

  8. Many weman in America are being in the plus-sized and there are not enough designers for plus-sized, so I think it is okay to do some more business about plus-sized weman clothes and I believe that business will earn enough money to live(at least) because of the population in Amerca, plus-sized weman, is still growing

  9. The designer is really professional and opened-minded. Since he give a chance to plus-sized woman to stand in the runway. Even thought the model of the Tim designer will failed in runway, he give opportunity to the plus-sized models. I think that’s one of the way to earn money (trying new stuff). That might be more valuable than just keep doing same things.

  10. I really think this is a good idea, and I appreciate the designers very much about their open-minds. Designing larger clothes for bigger people or designing tinier clothes for smaller people is very fair for those people that are not the same from us, and they have their rights to wear clothes, so this article is very informative to the designers.

  11. I think this is a good idea because the designer is really open-minded and the designer know that fashion designing should be open for plus-sized women. This is a good way to earn money.

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