Do emojis have a cultural bias?

A Muslim 15-year-old girl in Berlin has led to the development of Muslim emojis. Rayon Alhumedhi wrote a note to Apple customer help about the lack of emojis with Muslim head coverings (which are a religious symbol of respect). She said, “I honestly didn’t know what to expect and kind of couldn’t believe they’d see it or even talk about it — all I wrote was a short paragraph.”


Do emojis that culturally represent who you are make a difference?

What do you think happens when you are using the emojis from a different culture? Would that impact your out look on yourself?

Imagine if all the emojis in the world were from a different culture than your own? Would that cause a subtle change in your values?

Could you create better emojis than currently exist to let people express themselves? What might Rayon Alhumedhi respond:


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