Space Rockets, Public & Private

chinaspacemissionMonday, October 17, China launched its longest ever planned space mission with two Taikonauts (Chinese astronauts). The mission will dock at the space lab Tiangong-2 as China moves closer to having a manned space station (a space laboratory with people in it at all times).

The two Taikonauts will be corresponding regularly with China’s Xinhua news agency if you want to follow their activities. The Taikonauats will conduct medical and science experiments during their 30 days at Tiangong-2. They will also be preparing Tiangong-2 for future missions and development.

Here is a video of the successful launch!

There are tremendous business and innovation rewards to space travel as discussed previously in Why We Go To Outer Space.

spacex-explosion-index3Meanwhile, three billionaires are pursuing private space businesses: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. Mr. Musk’s space business – SpaceX – had a rocket explode on the launchpad in September 2016. Rockets cost a lot of money and are serious business. Since the explosion, some people feel that maybe private business does not belong being in charge of space missions (and that space is better explored by government agencies).

You can watch a video of the explosion in this article.

Would you want to risk being an astronaut?

Would you want to risk owning your own space company like Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin or Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic?

How much money do you think you would need to start your own space business?

These space businesses include everything from trying to make the first passenger rocket trip for travel (like an airplane, but faster) to helping to launch satellites to conducting scientific experiments for other private companies. Are these new space businesses examples of entrepreneurship?

4 thoughts on “Space Rockets, Public & Private”

  1. I do not want to risk my life being a astronaut, because to become an astronaut it will take two years of training and if the launch is not successful I could die in seconds and waste my two years of training time when I could of doing something else. I think I wouldn’t take the risk of owning my own space company, because I would have to borrow billions of money from the bank and If the the company tried to launch a rocket and exploded in the air like the Falcon 9, I think it could lose lots of trust of my own company. I think this could effect my company to stop working and affect my life to be just trying to pay back the bank the money for rest of my life.

  2. I don’t think that I would want to become an astronaut, although it would be cool to go to space-training and see if I would be a good astronaut. Those who go in space have a very unique experience that would be life changing, however, I would never be able to last in a spaceship that long, or be away from earth for that long. I would be afraid of dying and never seeing my family and friends anymore.

    It is amazing that you really have no way of knowing if the spaceship will explode in the first few seconds, which is really scary for me. I believe that technology should be improved so that there are more trustworthy ways of testing the ship before it takes off.

  3. I wanted to be an astronaut before when I was young, but now I do not. Because being an astronaut would waste the time of my life and it shall be very dangerous to stay in space for a long time, so I wouldn’t risk my life to be an astronaut, although, being an astronaut is good for my country. ( But I could not be an astronaut because I have scars on my legs. )

  4. I wanted to be an astronaut before when I was so young because I thought the space was beautiful and I think the clothes that the astronaut wore was very cool. But now I really don’t want to be a astronaut because I know the space is dangerous and also that I just afraid and don’t feel well when I am on the plane, so I think I can’t on the spaceship too. If I succeed,me and my family can proud of I’m a astronaut, but if I do not succeed, I can’t see my family and friend forever. So I don’t want to risk my life being an astronaut.

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