Beach and Ocean Clean Ups

beachcleanupwhirledviewsIn India, a 33 year-old lawyer and a retired businessman in his 80s walked down to a 2.5 kilometre stretch of beach one day and began the biggest beach clean up in history. Word spread that they were trying to clean the beach and over 500 volunteers have participated in removing more than 1.3 million kilograms of trash from this one beach.

Another article about this pair estimates that there are 13 million tonnes of plastic and other rubbish that pollutes the world’s oceans, that’s 26,000,000,000,000 kilograms!

surfersgarbagebinwhirledviewsWho is going to invent the great ideas for cleaning up the oceans?

Here’s one great idea by two young surfers in Australia. There’s a video in the article worth seeing to believe. It looks so simple.

Then there’s this idea from a then 19-year-old Boyan Slat, a student in The Netherlands. You can watch the TEDx Talk he gave when he was 20 about the ocean’s plastic problem here.

edible6packwhirledviewsA small beer brewery has invented an edible 6-pack holder for holding 6 cans that animals in the ocean can eat for food and is 100% biodegradable. There’s a short 2 minute video about it in this article. One point they make is that the cost of this product that is better the environment will go down if it becomes more widely used. Why would that be important?

Ideas for keeping our oceans and environment clean can come from anywhere.
Which ideas will work?
Will they make money?
Will they make the world better?
Do you have a better idea how to clean up our beaches and oceans?

Plus-size Fashion’s Undiscovered Profits

Tim Gunn is a famous fashion designer, fashion school instructor and reality TV host of Project Runway. He has complained that not enough designers are making clothes for plus-sized women despite many women being in this size range.

ashleytiptonfashionwhirledviewsAshley Neil Tipton won season 14 of Project Runway by designing for plus-sized women. She now has a line of clothing launching at a popular department store in the United States.

It is estimated that this is a 133 billion RMB market in the USA alone (20 billion USD). Is that enough money to motivate a business to focus selling clothes to plus-size women? Is that enough money that there should be more companies competing for that business?


The Parts of Success Seen and Not

Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb said of his earlier efforts: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Consider the below graphic and how it relates to that quote. We usually only think of Edison as the successful inventor, not as Edison the man of 10,000 failures.

The graphic below uses an iceberg. 90% of an iceberg is below the water line and out of sight while we see 10% above water if we are in a nearby boat or land location.

In the graphic below, can you see some relationships between business success and school success?


Art With Innovations We Can Use

Theo Jansen creates a form of art he calls Strandbeests. Strand means “beach” in his native Dutch language. His creations walk the beach on their own power. They use the wind. They react to water and the environment around them. His artistic creations do not uStrandbeest_6WhirledViewsse electricity. You can watch a 2 1/2 minute BBC video or an 8 minute TED Talk to learn more about his wondrous creations. The Ted Talk is available with Chinese subtitles.