Cows and Our Environment

CowWithBackpackHumans often consider how to help the environment by modifying our own behavior. There are other creatures related to our own habits to consider. Cows that provide milk, beef and leather for us also generate a lot of methane. Could Less Gassy Livestock Be A Cash Cow? looks at facts and problem solving ideas for cows load on our environment. Read the very last section of this article on page two titled Cow Backpacks for details on the fascinating idea from Argentina in this picture that is both generating energy and curbing global climate change.

Buy Me Once

The innovation of website Buy Me Once is the idea of helping consumers find and purchase products that are long-lasting. The idea is that buying things that last creates a lighter load on our wBuyMeOnceorld’s environment than buying similar products that are not long lasting and will be thrown into the garbage for new versions of the same product. Check out Buy Me Once USA and UK websites on the link. Write them an e-mail if you think they should expand into China. Start your own website if you like the idea and want to get here before they do.